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Reinventing the Forward Contract through the “Technology of Trust” Blockchain is a huge opportunity to redefine trust in the OTC trade of commodities. A forward contract acts as a bilateral agreement between two counterparties looking to buy or sell a commodity for a fixed price on a future date in a specific delivery location. Such contract is often manipulated and left unsettled, due to lack of liquidity or due to one party’s failure to meet the contractual obligation and deadline of the payment stated on the contract. Ai Trading solution will reinforce the use of forward contracts (delivery basis or cash settlement) by allowing the deployment of irrefutable and unalterable smart contracts to authenticate the contractual obligations between parties involved.

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AI offers daily trading strategies on individual stocks through its analyst of artificial intelligence, Watson. Every night and during the night, Watson 'Quantitative Combination' that performs more than millions of simulated businesses against of 45 different concepts. Each concept has a different purpose designed to help to beat the market. AI looks at everything; long, short, cheap and expensive data, fundamental, social, technical and everything oriented by volume, etc. to identify trading probabilities.


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